Notable Kamma Lawyers

Sir.Edpuganti Raghavendra Rao

Was a famous Lawyer in Madhya Pradesh (Bilaspur). He was the first Indian origin Governor of Central Province from May 1936 to September 1936. The Civil Defence Department came into being on 24 October 1941 when Dr. E. Raghavendra Rao - the first Civil Defence Member of the Governor General 's Executive Council.

Justice.Ramineni Kousalendra Rao

Was born on 1910 in Bilaspur. Their family migrated from Vuyyuru, Krishna Distrrict, A.P. He had started Practice in Nagapur High Court in 1935 and appointed as Advocate General in 1946. Appointed as High Court Judge in 1949, in the very young age of 39 years. He was the First Kamma High Court Judge. Justice R. Kaushalendra Rao was also the Member first finance commision after India got Independence.

Bollini Munuswamy Naidu

Was born on 1885 in the village Velamjeri, Chittor District. He did his Law Course in Madras and was practice in Madras and Chittor courts. He was elected as Chittor District Board President in 1930. And joined in Justice Party, he was elected for Combined Madras state Assembly and was Chief Minister for the State from 1930 to 1934. He was the first Kamma Chief Minister. Was conferred 'Divan Bahadur' by British Government.

Panguluri Venkata Subba Rao

Was born in a village near Bapatla, Guntur District. He had completed his Bar-at-Law in London, married to an English lady, he come back to India and practice in Guntur court. After some time he went to London and started practice in London Preevi Counsil (London Supreme Court) and settled there. Raman Subba Rao, former English Crickter is his son.

 Justice.K. Veeraswamy

Was appointed Judge and later became the Chief Justice of Madras High Court. He was the first High Court Chief Justice in Kamma caste.

Justice Alagiri Swamy

Was the First Kamma Judge in Supreme Court, before he was the Judge of Madras High Court.


Was the High Court Judge, Madras and also was the Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court. After that he was appionted as Supreme Court Judge in 1990. After the retirement he was appointed Chairman of the Tamil Nadu Law Commission. His son Sanjay Ramaswamy, former M.P from Sivakasi, also he is the husband of Srilatha, sister of famous heroin Sreedevi.

Justice G Ramanujam

Justice G Ramanujam (b. 01 June 1923) retired from the Madras High Court after serving as a Judge for sixteen years (1969 – 1985). He passed his BL Degree from the Law College, Madras in the year 1947 and enrolled as an Advocate in the Madras High Court in 1948 and in the Supreme Court in 1961. Justice Ramanujam has served as Legal Advisor, Madras State Electricity Board (1960 – 1965); Central Government Standing Counsel (1965-1966); State Government Pleader, Madras High Court (1966-1969) and Vice-Chairman, Central Administrative Tribunal at Chennai (1985-1988). He was designated as a Senior Advocate by the Supreme Court of India in 1989.

Justice Avula. Sambasiva Rao

Was born on 16th March, 1917. Educated at Guntur, Madras and Calcutta. Was Arts and Law Graduate of the Madras University. Was Appointed as permanent Judge of A.P. High Court on 22nd April, 1967. Acted as Chief Justice of High Court of Andhra Pradesh from 25th January, 1975 till 10th January, 1976.Appointed as permanent Chief Justice from 9th April, 1978. Retired on 16.3.1979.Sri Sambasiva Rao served as the Vice Chancellor of Andhra University between 1980-84. He was a Writer and authored several books. He was president of Radical Humanist Association of India. Was the First Lokayukata of Andhara Pradesh.

Justice Challa. Kondaiah

was born on 4th July, 1918. Educated at Government Arts College, Anantapur and Madras Law College. Did Civil, Criminal and Taxation work in Madras High Court, High Court of Andhra at Guntur and High Court of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad. Was appointed as Standing Counsel for Income-Tax Department in 1958. Appointed as permanent Judge on 21st August, 1967. Transferred as Judge, Madhya Pradesh on 24th June, 1976. was Judge of Andhra Pradesh High Court again from 27th October, 1977. Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh from 16th March, 1979 till 3rd July, 1980.

Justice K.Amareswari

Was born on 10th July, 1928 in Appikatla village in Guntur District. Obtained her M.A. Degree in Politics and History from Andhra University in 1949 and took her B.L., Degree also from the same University. Was a member of Bar Council during 1960-61. Was the Vice-President of the Indian Federation of Women Layers, (Andhra Pradesh) Branch. Was the Vice-President of A.P. High Court Advocates’ Association during 1975-76. Appointed as permanent Judge on 29-4-1978 for A.P High court.

Justice Davuluri Munikannaiah

was educated at A.V.N. College, Visakhapatnam presidency and Law Colleges, Madras. Practised on Original and Appellate Sides. Worked as Public Prosecutor. Appointed as Addl. Judge on 16.06.1958. Appointed as Permanent Judge on 13.06.1960. Retired on 11.03.1963. He was the first Kamma Judge of A.P.High Court.

Justice P.A.Choudary

was born on 1st July, 1926. Took M.A., Degree in Economics from Andhra University, Waltair took his B.L. Degree from Law College, Madras. Enrolled as an Advocate, Supreme Court on 8-2-1978. Author of several articles on Legal topics. Made a critical review of Supreme Court decisions in the India Year Book of International Affairs, 1953, published by the Madras Unviersity. Appointed as permanent Judge of the A.P. High Court on 10-11-1978.

Justice A.V. Krishna Rao

Was born on 28.1.1916. Educated at Andhra Christian College, Guntur and Government Law College, Madras. Appointed Additional Judge of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh for a period of two years with effect from 26th June, 1971. Appointed permanent Judge of the High Court on 10.5.1972. Retired on 28.1.1978. Died on 23.8.1980.

Justice Chintamaneni.S.R.K. Prasad

was born on 2nd January, 1943 in an agricultural family at Tenali, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India. Son of late Mr. Sivaramaiah Chowdary, a leading practitioner and Ex.Bar Council Member and President of Bar Association. Did his Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Degree from Loyala College, Vijayawada, Andhra University in the year 1960. Obtained B.L. degree from Andhra University in the year 1963. Worked as Principal District and Sessions Judge atAnanthapur, Nalgonda and Visakhapatnam. Elevated to the Bench as an Additional Judge of High Court of Andhra Pradesh on 13.12.2001. Sworn in as Judge of High Court of A.P. 2003. He was retired on 02.01.2005.

Justice Jasti Chelameswar

Was born on June 23, 1953 at Pedda Muttevi, Movva Mandal in Krishna District at Andhra Pradesh, India. His father was late Jasti Lakshminarayana, a lawyer at Machilipatnam, Krishna District.

He had his earlier education up to class XII at Hindu High School at Machilipatnam in Krishna District and Graduated in Science (Physics) at Madras Loyala College. Graduated in Law from Andhra University Visakhapatnam, in 1976, he was enrolled as an Advocate in High Court of Andhra Pradesh at Hyderabad in the year 1976 and practised under a senior Advocate Dr. B. Bhimaraju, former Public Prosecutor, High Court of A.P., P. Rajarao, Ex. Government Pleader High Court of A.P. and K. Srinivasa Murthy, a leading Advocate in High Court of A.P. Specialised in Constitutional Law, Election Laws, Central Excise, Customs, Income Tax and Criminal Law.

He was appointed as Standing Counsel of A.P. Lokayukta in 1985 and 1986. He also worked as Government Pleader for Home Affairs in High Court in the years 1988 and 1989. He was designated as Senior Counsel in the year 1995 and appointed as Additional Advocate General on 13.10.1995. Elevated as Addl. Judge of High Court of Andhra Pradesh on 23.6.1997 and as Judge w.e.f. 17.05.1999.

He assumed the charge of the Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court (The High Court of Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh) on 03.05.2007. He was appointed as Cheif Justice of Kerala high court in May 2010.

Justice Polavarapu. Rama Rao

Justice Rama Rao had B.A. in A.C. College, Guntur and M.A. & LL.B., in Lucknow University. Appointed as High court Judge in 16.9.1981.

Justice Gogineni. Radhakrishna Rao

Was born on 1.7.1932 at Krishna district. Passed B.Com.,B.L., B.Com. in the Hindu College, Law degree from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. Selected as a District and Sessions Judge Grade IIon 12.12.1973. Appointed as permanent Judge of High Court of Andhra Pradesh on 11.7.1986. Retired on 1.7.1994.

Justice Jasti.Eswara Prasad

Was born on 04-08-1934 at Madras in a family of Lawyers. Father, Late Sri J.Sambasiva Rao Chowdary was a Judicial Officer, who retired as a District & Sessions Judge. Mother, Late Smt. J.Seetamahalakshmi was a leading Lawyer of Madras and A.P.High Courts and was an M.L.C. Graduated in Law from Osmania University. Had lucrative practice in Constitutional, Civil Services and Sales Tax Laws. Had a large office with a band of juniors. Elevated as a Judge of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh and was sworn-in on 16-03-1990.

Justice Sunkavill. Parvatha Rao:

was born on 26.11.1935. Degree from Loyola college, Law from Madras Law College 1958-60. Appointed as Judge of High Court of Andhra Pradesh on 16.3.1990. Retired on 26.11.1997.

Sri Justice Hanumanthu

Hon’ble Sri Justice A. Hanumanthu was born on 01.07.1937 mudigubba, Kadiri Taluq, Anantapur District. Passed M.A., LL.B. B.A. degree from Government Arts College, Anantapur. M.A. LL.B, from Nagapur University. Enrolled as an advocate on 07.07.1961. Joined in Judicial service as Munsif Magistrate on 06.07.1974. In 1976 promoted as a Subordinate Judge. In 1982 promoted as District and Sessions Judge. Elevated as Additional Judge, High Court. Retired on 01.07.1999.

Justice Nuthalapati Venkata Ramana

Was born in an agricultural family on 27th August 1957, in Ponnavaram Village, Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh, India. He was associated in a number of cases of Constitutional importance, with stalwarts including Sri Nani Palkiwala, Sri K. Parasaran, Sri Ram Jethmalani, Sri Soli Sorabji and Sri Kapil Sibal. He was appointed as the Additional Advocate General in the High Court of A.P on 7.4.1998. He was elevated as Judge of the Andhra Pradesh High Court on 27.6.2000.

Justice Pemmasani Sankara Narayana

Popularly known as P.S.Narayana was born on 13th July 1948 at Chinthakalva village near Tirupati. He had obtained his B.Sc., degree from S.V. Arts College, Tirupati and obtained his B.L. Degree from S.V. University College, Tirupati. He had worked as Chief Editor of Andhra Weekly Reporter and also Andhra Law Times (Criminal) for some time and he was also the honorary editor of Andhra Law times till recently. Elevated as Judge of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh and sworn-in on 25th June 2001.

Judge Patibandla chandra Sekhara Rao was born in Veerulapadu, Krishna District is acting President of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, controlled by United Nations.

Justice D. Raju

Judge (Former), Chennai High Court was made Chief Justice of the Himachal Pradesh High Court in June 1998. D. Raju, former Supreme Court judge.

Justice E. Padmanabhan

Judge (Former) Chennai High Court & Executive Chairman, Pondicherry Legal Services Authority and Judicial Member, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Justice K. Mohanram

K. Mohanram was born in May 1950 at Vallampatti near Sivakasi in Virudhunagar district. He is former Supreme Court Judge S.C. Venkatasamy's junior. At present he is Senior Central Government Standing Counsel.

Justice K. Venkataswamy

Judge (Former), Chennai High Court & Supreme Court.

Justice K. Govindarajan

Judge (Former), Chennai High Court

Justice S. Sethraman

Judge (former) Chennai High Court.

Lavu Nageswara Rao

Lavu Nageswara Rao was Additional Solicitor General in the Supreme Court of India. Rao is a senior advocate in the Supreme Court. He was designated as a senior advocate in November 2000. Mr Rao, who practised in the Andhra Pradesh High Court shifted to the Supreme Court in 1995. He was standing counsel for various universities in Andhra Pradesh and had appeared in constitutional and administrative law matters in the apex court and the High Courts of Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Haryana, Guwahati, Karnataka and Patna.

Some of the famous Lawyers

Amilineni Kondaiah, Kotha Raghuramayya, Paineni Ramanaidu, Yadlapati Venkata Rao, S.B.P. Pattabhi Rama Rao, Manohar, Dr.V.V.Chaudary, Nagandla Bhavani Sankara Rao, Nadella Bhaskara Rao, Alapati Dharma Rao, Tella Krishnamma, Challa Obulapathi Chaudary, Cherukuri Suseela Devi, Jasthi Seetha Maha Lakshmi, Movva Chandra Sekhara Rao, Chitturi Indraiah Chaudary, Yelamanchili Nagabhushanam, Pinnamaneni Lingaiah Chaudary, Amilineni Venkata Ramana, Rajendra Chaudary, Arekapudi Ramanadham Chaudary, Kanaka Bapaiah Chaudary, G.V.Chaudary, Boppana Kutumba Rao, Nallapati Venkatramayya, Nallapati Venkateswarlu, Pavuluri Subba Rao, Vadlamudi Kotaiah Chaowdary, Surapaneni Subhash Chandra Bose, Karnati Rama Mohana rao, Kanakamedala Ravindra.